poster 2017The Dundee Mountain Film Festival is the UK’s longest continuous running mountain film festival. It showcases an international programme of speakers, as well as award winning films and exhibitions, held in  the Bonar Hall and, on Thursday only, The Dalhousie Building, Dundee. 

Our 2017 event is now over, and it was fantastic!


You can download the brochure here, or you can see what our programme was below.




Thursday (23rd) Evening – Tickets £10 - More details here

Presentation: Richard Else  - Wainwright Revealed - and a 40 year love affair with Scotland

Alfred WainwrightWainwright is universally associated with his seven volume Pictorial Guide to the Lakeland Fells - a work that many would argue is the most accomplished guidebook ever written. Lesser known, but equally important, is his forty year love affair with Scotland. He came north of the border every year and using only public transport, visited vast tracts of the highlands and islands, taking hundreds of photographs and producing five volumes of drawings.

Richard Else gives an rare insight into AW’s time in Scotland using much previously unseen material and extracts from the award winning films they made together.

Drawing on this material featured in his new book, Wainwright Revealed,  Richard gives a genuine insiders view into their years together. At its heart is the first full assessment of the literary merit of AW’s work and his place in the guidebook tradition. Most importantly he gives a new perspective on Wainwright the man, revealing little known aspects of his character. But Richard also recalls the lighter side of AW that was kept hidden from his public, remembering a visit to London that descended into farce; the vast tally of greasy spoon eateries they frequented and how he introduced his television walking companion, Eric Robson, ‘as a Cumbrian farmer who occasionally appears on television’…

Richard Else

Richard ElseRichard Else is generally regarded as one of the world’s foremost adventure filmmakers and is one of the few Europeans featured in National Geographic’s Voices from the Summit. He has won over 30 major awards worldwide, including Best Mountain Adventure Film at Kendal; two from BAFTA, Scotland; the Royal Television Society and from film festivals in Canada, America, Japan and mainland Europe. His landmark series include The Edge, The Face, Wild Climbs and the groundbreaking live Great Climb. For over 12 years he’s been Executive Producer of BBC Scotland’s primetime series The Adventure Show



 Friday (24th) Evening – Tickets £12 - More details here

new banff logoThe films showing this evening are from the Banff World Tour.  They feature a personal reflection of a rock climbing life, a tragic tale of BASE jumping, madcap music on a highwire, then some extreme kayaking. the film session closes with an amazing tale of a long distance rowing team.

Luke and HazelAfter the interval, join Hazel and Luke Robertson, RSGS Explorers in Residence, as they recount tales from their recent expedition, Due North: Alaska. From May to August 2017, Hazel and Luke sea-kayaked and biked over 1600 miles through the Alaskan wilderness, paddling through the Inside Passage of the Pacific Ocean, cycling the infamous dirt road of the Dalton Highway, and avoiding sea ice while kayaking along the exposed Arctic Coast. Luke and Hazel will discuss the rewards, challenges and wildlife they faced when they headed off the beaten path and into the unknown, while also revealing the shocking environmental changes they observed, culminating in a surprising ending to the expedition.


 Saturday (25th) Morning – Tickets £6 - More details here

We have four quite diverse Scottish themed films this morning. Featuring bothying and art, rock climbing, a gorge descent and a journey along the John Muir Way.

After the interval, we have The Irvine Butterfield Memorial Lecture in association with the Munro Society; Read about Irvine Butterfield here


ben with toadBen Dolphin will present - "From Bagger to Faffer - The Evolution of a Hillwalker?"For many of us, the love of the outdoors is something that has been with us all our lives, but where does that spark of initial interest come from? And to what extent does our enjoyment and experience of the outdoors change and evolve over time? Random incidents and accidents made Ben realise that by slowing down and stopping to observe and take in his surroundings, there was much more to the hills. In fact, there was even much more to his back garden! From the English Midlands to the Brecon Beacons, from the Highlands to Fife, Ben looks back at his own outdoors evolution from ‘bagging beast’ to ‘faffing nature nut’, and ponders the impact that walking has had on his life.

ben on hillBen Dolphin is a West Lothian Council Ranger, and shares his experiences and observations through his blog featuring videos and photographs on his Benvironment website. Ben has also recently been elected as the president of Ramblers Scotland, and is well known for his regular contributions to the Walkhighlands website, and to a number of outdoor magazines including Outdoor Enthusiast magazine.



 Saturday (25th)Afternoon – Tickets £10 - More details here

new banff logoThe films showing this afternoon are from the Banff World Tour. A 60th birthday trek, a return to the scene of a devastating rock climbing accident, Canadian west coast sports, free-skiing, aerial stunts then a wee day out on a bike.


Robbie PhillipsAfter the interval Robbie Phillips takes about his - Life on the Wall - a funny and insightful 45-50 minutes on what its been like transitioning from a sportclimber to adventure big waller and then goes deep into what its like living on a wall with many stories taken across hus whole climbing life; from Scotland, Yosemite, Patagonia, Alps, etc...with photos, film and plenty of jokes! 


Robbie PhillipsRobbie Phillips is a 27-year old kid who currently resides in a white (yet rustic) ford transit. It's parked up either in the Alps right now or in his mum and dads driveway in Edinburgh depending on when your reading this. If it's September he'll be training at EICA and preparing for the Worldcup; if it's October he'll be in Yosemite trying to make the first British Free Ascent of "The Nose" on El Capitan; either way you can be guaranteed he won't be doing much "real work"... he never has! Unlike this moody picture, he is usually found to be smiling.


Saturday (25th) Evening – Tickets £15 - More details here

Four films followied by a presentation from Mollie Hughes - Tales from the top. The films feature a journey though the rather small Alps, one man's poetic personal view of mountain running, the long awaited film Hard Rock about the life of Ken Wilson, and the finally the crazy antics of the crew of the Dodo's Delight

Mollie HughesPresentation: Mollie Hughes - Tales from the Top. On Tuesday 16th May 2017, at 4:45am, in temperatures as low as minus 35°C, Mollie Hughes successfully reached the summit of Mount Everest from the North side just as the sun was beginning to rise. This was Mollie's second time standing on top of the world having already summited the South side of Everest in 2012. Achieving this feat at the age of 26 made her the youngest woman in the world to successfully summit from both the north and south sides of the world’s highest mountain. Join Mollie on the Saturday night for an inspiring presentation and first hand account of climbing Mount Everest from both the North and South routes.


Mollie HughesThe idea of climbing Everest came in Mollie's final year at university. She was writing her dissertation in the area of sports psychology and thought if she had to write 10,000 words on a single subject she would have to make it an interesting one or this is going to be a struggle! So Mollie decided to investigate the ‘Psychological experience of climbing Mount Everest’.For this project Mollie interviewed seven climbers who had all summited Everest between the years of 2000-2010 and explored their psychological experience on the mountain including areas such as motivation, self-belief, team work and controlling fear. It must have been half way through the first interview that Mollie had decided that Everest was something she needed to experience for myself. Mollie then spent the next 12 months training and sponsorship hunting to climb Everest and was lucky enough to reach the summit for the first time on the 19th May 2012 at the age of 21.








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