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Page updated 28 December 2017 (I will update as more films become available - The Bothy Project is now available)

Missed some films? Can't wait until the next festival? - here's some inspiration to keep you going!

Films from 2017 (where available, and a few other ones)

Thursday Evening

This was a talk by Richard Else about Alfred Wainwright. I thought it may be useful to put up links to some of the films that Richard made with Wainwright on this page.

Coast to Coast - part 1 (St Bees Head to Haweswater)
Coast to Coast - part 2 (Shap Abbey to Keld)
Coast to Coast - part 3 (Gunnerside to Danby Wiske)
Coast to Coast - part 4 (Mount Grace Priory to Robin Hood's Bay)
Wainwright on the Isle of Skye (part 1)
Wainwright on the Isle of Skye (part 2)

Friday Evening Films

Devotion - Libby Peter
When we were Knights
Metronomic (Trailer only, but link to buy full film, well worth it!)
Locked In (full 54 min version)
Four Mums in a Boat

Saturday Morning Films
The Bothy Project
The Wild Along the Way
The Three Women and The Three Old Men

Saturday Afternoon Films

Ace and the Desert Dog

Doing it Scared (Trailer only wth link to buy)
Max Your Days
Ruin and Rose (Trailer and links to buy full film)
Give me Five
Danny MacAskill's Wee Day Out

Saturday Evening Films
Hard Rock

Films from 2016

55 Hours in Mexico
Mountain Bikes and Bothy Nights
In The Spirit of John Muir
Defiance - the Eiger Paraclimb
Hannah Barnes - Northwest
The Important Places
Sounds of Paragliding
Climbing Ice - The Iceland Trifecta
Via Ferrata on a Mountainbike
Showdown at Horseshoe Hell
Boulder Valley

Films from 2015

Some are not available, some you will have to pay for (indicated). Some of these films are a slightly different edit to that shown at DMFF.

Forgotten Dirt
Little Red Bus (buy from Reelhouse)
Vasa Sojitra: Out on a Limb
Valley Uprising (buy from Amazon, includes all episodes)
Into The Ditch
Desert Ice
Wild Women - Faith Dickey
All My Own Stunts (buy from Posing Productions as part of the DVD/Download Brit Rock 2014)
Arctic Swell
Sufferfest 2 (watch on demand, looks like payment in dollars)
Sup it and See
The Black Cuillin
The Forge
Transition (pay for download from Steepedge)
Where Walking Took me (shown as part of Jen Randall's presentation)
Patience (shown as part of Jen Randall's presentation)
Red Run
Arctic Air (pay for download from Steepedge
And Then we Swam (pay for download from Steepedge)


Films you may have missed in 2014 -

Dream Lines IV (Full version 16 minutes)

Dream Lines IV (Highlights 5 mins - not quite the same edit as shown on Saturday afternoon)

Music from Meall a' Bhuiridh (mp3 download, £2)

Meall a Bhuiridh (4 mins - as shown at festival - Saturday morning)

A Man in a Hurry (13 mins - shown Saturday morning)

Five Months (25 mins - shown Saturday morning - download $5)

Sensory Overload (10 mins - slightly different edit from that shown on Friday evening)

Dubai - A Skiers Journey (10 mins - shown Friday evening)

Cascada (8 mins - Shown Saturday afternoon)

Spice Girl - available from Amazon as part of Reel Rock 8 - DVD or Blu-Ray (about £18-£2)

Flow - The Elements of Freeride (3 mins - shown Saturday afternoon)

The Last Great Climb (60 min full version download £19.99 - we screened a 26 min version on Saturday afternoon)

London to London (42 mins - shown Saturday evening. An episode of the "This is the Sea 5" DVD, £19.99 from Cackle TV. "This is the Sea 5" also available as a digital download for £14.99)

North of the Sun (46 mins - shown Saturday evening. You can download the film from i-Tunes for £9.99). It was available on DVD, but supplies have run out.

In The Frame - available to download from Steepedge for £10

For Richard Else DVDs and Books visit his (and Cameron McNeish's website, Mountain Media)

Films from previous years, or films we liked but did not use

A Downhill Affair
As it Happens
British University Kayaking Expedition to Venezeula - full 17 minute video
Living the Dream
Los Fabulosus Dos
One Season
Scottish Ice Trip
A Walk in the Park
Biscuit the Climbing Dog! (From Front Range Freaks)
In Conversation with Dave Macleod
In Conversation with Katie L'Herpiniere
In Conversation with Peter Habeler
In Conversation with Reinhold Messner
Mirror Wall
Sense of Flying
The Cable Car
The Longest Way
The Trail Collector
What is Mountain Biking About?